INTP/INTJ duo trying to conquer the world with their little pieces of art.
We live for drawing and programming.
We love yaoi/yuri, robots, anthros and weird stuff.

After almost 3 years, Friki Romance is back, stronger and with more quality than ever-- AND FULL COLOUR!

This story was created from the desire of sharing a different kind of love, more our style of love, mixing humor, experiences and even ourselves in it so we could create the characters and their surrounds.

As you may know, it's been there for some years now, so now we are taking advantage of our knowledge about comics to offer you a even better story. Besides, even it's a little old now, it's still very dear to us ♥

This time updates will be regular because FINALLY! we found the perfect work routine to keep it up with the rythme Weekly updates, we promise not to go on hiatus in the middle of a chapter! :3

As it was before, the comic will alternate strips and "normal" pages, we hope you like it ;)

Yren & Stefan