Moving to Webtoons!

Bon Voyage~

Hi everyone!

We'd like to let you know that we're going to be in a hiatus for one or two weeks. This is 'cause we're moving to another country: Germany \o/
So until our working stuff arrives to our new home, we won't be able to update :(

If anyone is too curious to wait until we upload here, you can find a few more Friki Romance pages in Tapastic and the Main Site :3

Wish us luck in this new adventure!
Take care :D

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Patreon page opened!

We opened our Patreon page!
We made it comic oriented, as we're going to dedicate more time to it from now on :3
Feel free to visit it any time :D

We'll work hard to receive your support! <3

Thank you!
We love you :3

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Hi everyone!

First of all, we want to thank you for supporting us with the re-launch of this comic. And welcome new followers and all of you who have been there waiting for Friki Romance to return :D

Just so you know, Friki Romance will have a new page EVERY THURSDAY.

We're preparing some extras (fanarts gallery, images for character information...) which we'll post litle by little :D

Stay tuned! Take care :D

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Friki Romance Reborns!

Hello everyone!
First of all, we want to thank all of you dear followers for waiting for this series to go on-- it's been almost 3 years.

But worry no more! We've got VERY GOOD NEWS!
We're happy to announce... we are finally going ahead with this series!
Completely new, with better quality and the best part... FULL COLOUR!
We finally have experience enough to make this work, aaaand that's why we're here today.

As you can see, we made some adjustments to the appearance of the site.
Also, we've changed some bits of the designs and the story to improve them... You'll see!

The relaunch has been setted to the 5th November.
We want everything to be ready and perfect so everything works from the beginning :D

More news! We opened an official website, where you will be able to read Friki Romance in al the available languages (only English and Spanish for now) and some extra content.
The comic will be updated there a few days before updating in Smackjeeves or Tapastic.
The mentioned website: FR Website

These days we'll erase the old comic pages so we can start all over from the beginning.

And... that's it for now. If you have any question, just let us know! Comments and opinions are welcomed!

You know... Look forward to the 5th November! We'll wait for you!!

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